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Inexpensive Email marketing for writers to help them find the right job
Email marketing for work at home writers in India, freelance writers, part time jobs
Are you a writer looking for the right writing jobs, where payment is made regularly, without any cheating? We offer email marketing packages for Indian writers looking for work.
Email ids of content firms, companies looking for indian writers, freelance writers, part time writers, work at home writers, are provided, emails ids, gmail id, company hr ids, hotmail email ids, yahoo email ids.
Package of 200 email ids available, the list is updated regularly.
Writers can either purchase the list directly for email marketing, or we can send emails on their behalf.
Free trial with 5 emails available.
New email ids will be added to the list regularly.
To order the email ids send a request to sales@wjrj.com or buy online .
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Similar writing related content is available at very competitive rates. We accept payment by Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Webmoney and through NEFT transfer/cheque. Email address and/or bank details for making payment available on request. As a special offer, we will make three posts on any forum free, so that the forum owner can check the quality of the work before deciding to place an order.
For more information, or to avail of our Free trial offer, please send an email to info (at) textads.in

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